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the team


A close-knit team sharing the same goals is the basis of success. What characterizes my workgroup is competence and seriousness, we continually question ourselves and always try to grow and improve. For this reason, the continuous training of our agents and also of all personnel is crucial.
The company is made up of people and they are the ones who give value to our daily work.
Vittorio De CaprioCEO & Founder

In the real estate sector for over 20 years: first as a real estate agent, second as an agency manager and then the developer of franchised real estate networks for industry leaders such as Gabetti and Pirelli Re Franchising. Since 2006 he began his entrepreneurial career as a partner and CEO of a group of agencies affiliated with Pirelli Re. In 2011 he founded Santa Tecla Immobiliare realizing the dream of a highly innovative real estate company.

Anna De CaprioReal estate consultant & partner

Selling is her job but also listening carefully to her clients. Born and raised with Santa Tecla Immobiliare, her mission is to find your right home!
+39 3288204910

Mariano De CaprioReal estate agent & partner

Innate sales ability: the most efficient seller there is… everything he acquires is sold in no time! If you want to sell your property and you are in a hurry, get in touch with him!!
+39 3275584303

Francesco CapursoBusiness Area Manager

Architect, master in real estate and great experience, he takes care of the whole business area with great seriousness: he will surely be able to satisfy you in the research or sale of your workspace!
+39 3472670098

Elena ConsiglioMarketing & Communication Manager

Communication expert for many years in design and lifestyle, today Elena applies her knowledge in real estate marketing studying top channels and strategies to sell your home!

Laura VinciFront office manager

Hospitality is his strength and his passion! As soon as a customer enters our offices he must already feel at home...

Mariangela EttorreAdministrative Office Manager

Energy and precision are its qualities. Face the numbers with great enthusiasm!

Angelo PaolellaLegal Manager

Any legal tangle will be dissolved by Angelo with ease. He will accompany you to the deed like a faithful consultant.

Stefania GuttusoReal estate consultant

One cannot fail to perceive her innate taste for the aesthetic of houses, besides her degree in architecture is the proof, she will know how to guide her client with great competence.
+39 3398517257

Valentino SansoneReal estate consultant

His passion for the real estate world was born from his long experience in the restructuring sector. Trust and collaboration are the basis of his relationship with customers.
+39 3936227045

Marco PiantoniReal estate consultant

Long experience in the commercial and real estate sector are his business card. He will be able to calmly analyze customer needs from multiple points of view.
+39 3929709758

Susanna SantagostinoReal estate agent

Years of experience in the commercial sector led her with passion to enter the real estate world. With her tenacity and experience of him she gets in tune with the client, quickly earning his trust.
+39 3358020522

Alessandro NardoReal estate consultant

Young and enterprising, Alessandro has launched into the real estate world for a couple of years and has already achieved great results in a very short time!
+39 3477126409

Alessandro ZanettiReal estate consultant

The passion for the real estate sector, the attention to the customer and his determination will win you over!
+39 3396557746

Veronica RonchiniReal estate consultant

Spontaneous, determined and competent, her long experience in the commercial sector is the winning card for the sale of your home.
+39 3356085987

Massimo PuricelliReal estate consultant

Precise and passionate. After managing the family business, he moved to Santa Tecla Immobiliare. He will be able to sell your house with the same passion with which he would sell his!
+39 3357598535

Miki PeruginiReal estate consultant

Young and motivated he won't let anyone down!
+39 3275657411

Simona AstutoSocial media strategist

Young and dynamic social media manager, the world of the web has no secrets for her. He manages all the social media profiles of Santa Tecla and in the office he keeps everyone updated on current trends.

Filippo De FilippoPhotographer & Videomaker

With an eye behind the lens, he will be able to enhance and describe your property in a captivating way!

Corina AchimLegal assistant

Always immersed in codes and contracts, Corina is the right arm of the legal department.

Carlotta UboldiManagement assistant

For years in the world of fitness she has decided to dive into a different field, bringing her organizational and sales skills.